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Built on compassion for the planet and each other, we collaborate with college campuses across the country to install laundry detergent sheet refill stations inside University residence halls. When Universities cover the cost of refilling, they change the culture and attitudes students have towards waste, making the participation in zero-waste, closed-loop systems easy and socially acceptable. In doing so, Universities have the opportunity to foster a greater sense of community and well-being for all its students

Discover our laundry detergent sheet refill stations at your University residence hall, or start a journey to a closed-loop system.

To summarize, this study exceeded our wildest expectations. It takes less than 4,000 sheets from our refill stations to reach carbon parity to pod detergents.  

Every refill dispensed thereafter saves ~1.36 kilograms of CO2. 

If 6,000 students use 100 sheets / year from 15 refill stations for the next 7 years (2030), that’s equivalent to saving 612 tons of Co2 from being produced.


Location specific refill subscriptions

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Our goal is to make it easy to choose the most accessible and sustainable options. Try a free sample of our laundry detergent sheets today and see what has University residence halls across the country joining generation conscious.

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