• This series will serve as a platform to reimagine our collective futures and the systems that have exploited our most vulnerable populations.

  • Each meeting will provide black, brown, queer and other marginalized voices a safe space to share their work, stories, art, and more.
  • We will discuss the impacts of climate change and the radical solutions required to manifest the future that serve all interplanetary beings, plants, animals, non-human actors and more.
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GC Classroom #1:

Reimagine Our Collective Futures w/ Lauren Jabusch, PhD, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Our first series featured Lauren Jabusch, PhD, a scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, where she leads visioning in environmental biology (natural carbon sequestration through soils, improving crop plants for climate resiliency, sustainable biological materials

GC Classroom #2:

Using LCAs to Validate Systems Changes

  • Why are linear systems ubiquitous when they accelerate the waste and climate crises? 🗑🤔🤡
  • Why are affordable refill systems so inaccessible?🕸🌱
  • We conducted a lifecycle assessment to validate a systems change from linear to refill systems because we believe everyone deserves affordable access to a zero waste world. 🤲🏽♻️🌺

GC Classroom #3:

Abundance & Waste w/ Tiempo de Zafra

  • Tiempo De Zafra stands for Time of Harvest ~a phrase used to describe the season when sugar cane is harvested 🇩🇴

  • The TDZ Team uses the term as a proverb. It is a reminder that we are inherently abundant and that abundance reflects all around us. It illustrates the work that goes into cultivating and affirming it while shining light on the Caribbean as a place of potentiality.

  • This design studio has revolutionized the “upcycling” market, by creating high fashion pieces 🪡 that have covered i-D Magazine and become one of the most sought after custom shops in the world 🌐

  • They begin sourcing at the local flea market 🌎  where clothing is distributed for resale from other countries (mainly the US, Canada and Korea) Whatever doesn’t sell will likely end up in the landfills. They collect these clothes in attempt to elongate their lifecycle ~ seeing their potential as material ♻️

  • Using these clothes to create one of a kind garments + accessories and shipping it back is their specialty 🇩🇴

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