Our Values

The Generation Conscious Community will gather, highlight, celebrate Black, Brown and Queer voices and those interested in the intersectionality of climate change. We want to use this space to highlight those that tell the whole story and intricacies of the climate narrative and solutions. We want to hear first-hand accounts, the complexities of opinions, lived experiences and world views related to an eco-consciousness that is not as simple or linear as the mainstream environmental movement may paint it to be. 

This community will focus on fostering and creating a safe digital space for people to interact and submit their art, in whatever form that may be.

Clare Brennan, Wesleyan

Clare Brennan of Wesleyan explains how Generation Conscious is doing intersectionality work by bringing sustainable hygiene products like laundry detergent...

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Emily Warden, UPenn

Emily Warden is a UPenn student fighting to eradicate hygiene inequities and help alleviate the enormous environmental burden marginalized populations...

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Daniel Arizmendi, Amherst

Daniel Arizmendi of Amherst College details how Generation Conscious’s plastic-free, waste-free hygiene products are bringing pride and health equity to...

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Student submissions include poetry, pictures of student’s art, music, singing, etc. that address the themes of equilibrium and balance, black, brown and queer friendly POVs, politics of decarbonization (deconstructing class, racial and political separations of mainstream environmental movement which is historically white-led, elitist and eco-classist) and much more.


Earn $75 - $150+ per submission.

Please allow up to 3 days for a response!

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