Isabella Durcan, Wesleyan

The pilot program for GenCo products has been a huge success! I’m grateful that a company like GenCo exists, a company that prioritizes the health of our planet and first-generation students. Laundry and personal hygiene products do not need to be expensive and wrapped in plastic! GenCo is providing an alternative to the mainstream brands that simply works, makes sense, and smells amazing doing it! I’ve heard so much positive feedback around campus about the laundry detergent sheets, and I am excited to bring more GenCo products to campus. 


Laundry can seem like a hassle for busy college students, and believe me it is. But with GenCo products, you can feel good about doing it because you are helping cut back on waste and carbon emissions. The stats regarding the waste associated with other mainstream toiletries are shocking! Finally, there is a company that recognizes that this waste is preventable and has done something about it, and at low cost! 


Environmental justice is an important mission on Wesleyan’s campus! It is essential that everyone can take part in protecting our planet, no matter socio-economic status. GenCo offers affordable products that enable this mission to thrive. There are so many ways to be environmentally conscious, and using affordable GenCo products is one of the easiest. 

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