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Climate Sci-Fi Graphic Novel
Joaquina Guevara
Wesleyan University

I wanted to create a sci-fi graphic novel to bring attention to climate change and systems changes in an engaging and accessible format that marries my academic and creative interests. Setting the story in the year 2060 allows me to paint a picture of the changes science is projecting to occur due to human consumption of fossil fuels. My goal is to create a story that inspires hope and encourages people to start changing the way they relate to others, combating eco-anxiety and any sense that severe climate change is synonymous with doom. I am collaborating with three other Generation Conscious Fellows who share my enthusiasm for community care and mutual aid. In our story, environmental catastrophe has destabilized civilization as we know it, and a former geoengineer must survive a cross country journey to reach safety. His discovery of a radical community thriving in the apocalypse challenges his individualistic worldview and teaches him to care for others as an act of self care.

Supporting Fellows: Petra Hinds (Williams College), Taylor Gilliam (Rice University) and Belu-Olisa Sarkissian (Brown University)

Bronte Rose Gosper, Kristy Lee and Karen Choi
Columbia Grad School, Macaulay Honors College CUNY, Harvard College

We are interviewing advocates/changemakers in different communities around the US and compiling their responses into a ‘zine’ that we will then distribute (free of charge) around the schools we work with and beyond. We want to give EJ communities the platform to tell their stories, especially those that have not received the most media attention or where their specific issues are not well understood. We want to use our technological/artistic literacy to help EJ communities to communicate their message in a way that is readable and relevant to a variety of audiences. We will record these interviews using oral historical methodology, rather than a journalistic standpoint. If the interviewee/narrator permits, we will record the interviews and if it is the narrator’s desire, we can start trying to archive some of the interviews. A concurrent goal of the fellowship is to connect students with environmental justice communities surrounding them. Building relationships between students and EJ communities is a germination of this project, so that both can benefit each other with a mutual vision.

Belu-Olisa Sarkissian

This project is an effort to translate the fascinating and critical connections between the human and more than human worlds, to foster a deeper appreciation, respect and communion with Mother Earth through the weaving of understanding that we are Her. Telling this story through a type of visual poetry has been so important in me actualizing my own interconnections of activism and art.University)

Creative Eco-Performer (TikTok)
Taylor Gilliam
Rice University

Using my creative work as a poet, performer, dancer, and painter, Generation Conscious gave me the space to explore my passions as an artist and activist in the workplace. I channel my creativity through the company’s TikTok account, which has served as a safe space for myself and others to connect on issues surrounding climate change and systemic injustice. My role as a fellow with Generation Conscious was collaboratively made by Greg and I so that I could tailor a position to my specific career goals and interests, all while being equitably paid for my labor. Since taking over the TikTok account, my role with the company has grown to allow me to collaborate and support other artists on a multitude of creative projects, finding friendships along the way. This is a work environment unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed before- where all members of the collective are seen as valuable, are supported, and have the space to pursue any wild passion we desire.

Mechanical Engineering Fellow
Niyah Troup
Rice University

I’ve always been interested in hands-on projects, ranging from building ridiculously complex objects out of Legos as a kid to designing a radiant cooling system for urban backyard chicken coops now as a college student. Working with Generation Conscious has allowed me to explore my creativity in designing experiments that test the effects of humidity on the longevity of our laundry sheets with full support the entire way. The genuine excitement I’ve felt from the team is unlike any job I’ve had before, and it’s a fairly refreshing experience. My role as a Mechanical Engineering Fellow gives me the ability to collaborate with other students across the country, learn from them, and compare results from experiments they’ve conducted themselves. Honestly, this is what I’ve always wanted to do with my life, and Generation Conscious was able to make it into reality.

AR Climate Scavenger Hunt
Eunice Aissi
Rice University

The Augmented Reality (AR) project is an outdoor escape-the-room event where students solve puzzles in the form of 3D augmented reality markers around their campus to win a prize. It was motivated by the fact that students interact more with things that they find cool. The project consists of several AR markers placed around campus that lead the participants through various puzzles to solve and win a prize. The markers can be videos, images, audio recordings, or large moving 3D models of waste, animals, etc. The best part of this project is that the markers and the puzzle storyline are fun but they also educate the participants about issues in sustainability to encourage lifelong support for sustainable products and living.

Alexis Sammons – College of Idaho

Information coming soon.

Farah Najjari – Connecticut College

Information coming soon.

Joi Wood

(Howard University)

Working with Generation Conscious means connecting my community to service for the benefit of our planet and our future. I feel that GC is making an impact for student experience at my school. Working with GC has allowed me to look locally to find the bigger picture in environmental issues as it pertains to my studies and my journey to growing community at Howard University.

Katie o’Brien

(Connecticut College)

Through Generation Conscious, I was able to turn my hobby of making goofy TikToks into a paid gig that made me feel like I was doing something good for the world. I've always been passionate about environmentalism and sustainability, and this was a great opportunity to do something concrete for my immediate community. The GenCo network has also been a valuable resource and place for growth, both within my campus and more broadly through GL's personal connections. I was able to speak with people who have found successful careers in fields I'm interested in, one of which was able to push my application forward for my current position as an advertising intern.

Farah N. Bejdadi

(Connecticut College)

Working with Generation Conscious has allowed me to use my photographic skills to advocate for environmental justice by using art as a form of activism. The ability to be creative in an environmentally equitable space has made me more confident in my capabilities, connected me to other passionate leaders, and encouraged me to keep fighting for a zero-waste, zero-plastic future!

Annika Shiffer-Delegard

(Wesleyan University)

Through working within the Generation Conscious community, I've had the unique opportunity to connect with individuals across the country who want systems to change. To me, Generation Conscious is about community & collective power.

Christian Gomez

(College of Idaho)

Before starting to work with the leadership of GC I saw great potential for a successful partnership. Shortly after I found out that more than partnerships, GC was building a community through the empowerment and support it gives to its members. Through my collaboration with GC, I saw a vision of what the future could be if we work to uplift each other with intention and a drive for a different future, and for that I will be eternally grateful.

Jillian Meidlinger

(CUNY - Baruch College)

I’m a sophomore at Baruch studying Financial Mathematics. I am also part of the Swinomish Tribe from the Pacific Northwest.

Working with Generation Conscious has been incredible for my personal development, as it has allowed me to explore new networks and job opportunities. Through the Generation Conscious network, I have been able to break into highly sought after careers in New York City that perfectly align my skills in business development with my mission to drive equity.

Belu-Olisa Sarkissian

(Brown University Alumni)

This project is an effort to translate the fascinating and critical connections between the human and more than human worlds, to foster a deeper appreciation, respect and communion with Mother Earth through the weaving of understanding that we are Her. Telling this story through a type of visual poetry has been so important in me actualizing my own interconnections of activism and art.

  • Self-Directed Fellowship

    Outstanding student-fellows get paid to develop and execute their own projects that intersect with environmental justice, education, emergent strategy, and anything related to envisioning the future. Utilizing the full network and resources of Generation Conscious, Fellows from across the country are paid to collaborate on self-directed climate justice projects tailored to their unique expertise.

  • Mentorship and Jobs

    Connect with students and elders in your field who will enable your ambitions. We help foster friendships with mentors, and connect fellows with internships and job opportunities in their desired field of study, including environmental sciences, finance, chemistry, tech, politics, marketing, agriculture and more.

  • National Community

    Be involved with an intercampus community of like-minded students to collaborate with and build lasting connections.

  • Competitive Pay

    Flexible hours, competitive pay and bonuses.

  • Coalition Building

    Successfully build a coalition to bring and expand our zero waste refill stations to your campus.

  • Research

    Engage students effectively by researching their needs to determine the demand for zero waste refill stations on your campus.

  • Assessment

    Once installed, collaborate with Generation Conscious engineers to improve the refill experience on your campus.

  • Education

    Assist on the education strategy to inform students how and why they should refill to eliminate waste.



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