Clare Brennan, Wesleyan

What I really appreciate about GenCo is that they create products that are *actually* much better for the environment than most other products, instead of capitalizing on the aesthetic of being eco friendly without putting in the work to back it up. And they don’t just create slightly more green products – they rethink and reshape the entire cycle of buying and using hygiene products to make it sustainable and reduce excessive waste and energy every step of the way. Not only is it better for the environment, but it’s a lot more logical than the way most companies do it.

I also love the intersectionality of their work and the way that GenCo recognizes that these types of products are not usually accessible to everyone. The best part of bringing GenCo to Wesleyan’s campus has been knowing that it is a priority for low income students to be able to access them just as easily as wealthy students. It’s so important for any project that aims to treat the planet better to prioritize accessibility to all.

Bringing GenCo’s products to campus has also made me realize how effective simple, sustainable solutions can be. I think everyone has their doubts when they hear “laundry detergent sheet” or “toothpaste tablet.” I did too, until I tried them out. You really don’t need all the extra ingredients and packaging for a product to work. My clothes are clean, my teeth are clean, and the planet is a little bit cleaner too!

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