Daniel Arizmendi, Amherst

My name is Daniel Arizmendi and I am currently a student at Amherst College and a sustainability intern at Generation Conscious and I could not be more excited about the partnership between my beloved institution and Generation Conscious. As a member of Roosevelt @ Amherst, I take pride in knowing that my University takes pride in committing themselves to making their campus eco-friendly and more accessible to their students whilst simultaneously supporting the effort in creating a circular economy that only benefits the entire planet, but also people of color and women across the country who suffer from improper waste management polluting their neighboring communities. Generation Conscious’ plastic-free hygiene products are quickly revolutionizing the way students across multiple college campuses go about their daily lives. Not only are hundreds of students now contributing to a circular economy, but they are also paying less for hygiene products that are arguably more efficient and easier to use. As an avid user of Generation Conscious’ products, I have saved a lot of money on toothpaste, laundry detergent and hand soap  that I would previously spend on the mainstream brands. Consequently, through gradual involvement with Generation Conscious, I have been able to learn so much more about the United States’ struggle with their commitment to environmental justice. I have no doubt that as more Amherst students begin to use these products, they will also begin to be more aware of the need for a net-zero economy. I am truly ecstatic about the opportunity to help normalize the use of Generation Conscious’ products at universities all over the country and join the fight to reduce my institution’s carbon footprint.

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